All About Money


Teach your kids to love finance in 4 fun classes!


What They’ll Learn:

What Money Is and How to Earn It

How to Save and Grow their Money

How (and Why) to Build Wealth

We all want our children to do well.

We want them to find what they love, be successful, and make their way in the world.

Developing the whole child is crucial to equipping them for success, and our mission is to help lay the best groundwork possible for your tiny guru’s development.

For all of us, there is truly limitless opportunity, and limitless potential – but you have to learn how to see it, how to believe it, and how to get there. This is definitely not being taught in traditional education, even though it is really the secret to true success.

This (FREE) course walks through all of it – what money is, how we earn it, why we need it, and how we can keep it.

With a video every day for four days, kids will learn the basics of financial literacy and why it is so important.


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