There’s so much talk about innovation but not nearly enough about the intentional creation of innovators. Critical thinking and problem solving, initiative, curiosity, imagination, collaboration, financial literacy for kids – these skills will be NECESSARY for the next generation as we head towards automation full-speed.

If these are the single most important skills for the next generation, for our changing world (and they absolutely are) – why are children not learning them in school?

Most parents look at this list and vault into a full-fledged panic of fear and guilt and worry (because they had no earthly IDEA how to teach these things, so they MUST be failing their children miserably).

We know that none of this comes with a manual. (Teaching may, but it’s a manual that was written incorrectly). Imagine if schools actually focused on a child’s natural potential. Their interests. Their personality. Their God-given talents – And ACTUALLY nurtured the person they already are for 12 years, instead of forcing them all into one box….

Oh how amazing the world would be. ❤ How innovative our children would become.

How much the very landscape of humanity would transform when every child was given the space and support to flourish and grow in their unique spirit and gifts. To discover who they really are before we very effectively and systematically destroy it. Each child begins this life with unbridled curiosity, creativity, and imagination. So what happens?

We strive to remove it, suppress it, silence every natural inclination and urge and we do so with appalling success. This is what created the creativity crisis. This is what stalled innovation to a crawl, only reserved for the 1 or 2% of us who are lucky enough for that mental capacity to have survived childhood.

We are a disconnected, depressed, zombie culture of people who this system has failed.

The truly brilliant – in energy and spirit, not just intelligence – the captivatingly radiant souls that float into the room and are so unburdened by our human concerns — how often can you ever recall speaking with someone like that? Someone that lifted the room with them, that spoke passionately and freely about something and who lived their life purposefully and happily. I would venture to guess the answer for many of us is never.

That, though? THAT is how each of us comes into this world. THAT is how each of us functions on a core level, that is how we are programmed to think and function and THAT is where all the magic is. That is from where innovation flows freely and quickly and the world is changed overnight.

I am far from a parenting expert, but I know that our children are capable of so much more. We are teaching them to fight every urge, sit still, be quiet stop questioning, stop dreaming and stop being wondrously present in this moment – because we are rushing them somewhere to do something that is wholly unimportant.

We can’t see their genius, their beautiful minds that are working at feverish pace and absorbing and processing all that is around them. We can’t appreciate that it is beautiful and fulfilling and perfect for them to stand still in the moment. To simply enjoy the beauty of a flower in the grass. Because we can’t remember how to ever do that again for ourselves.

We can’t even remember how to connect to the world around us, where our conscious mind can finally just stop and let us be. Connected to the energy around us that flows through us and creates this world for us. It’s our responsibility as parents to help them become the best version of themselves, and to break the generational curses that we take on and then pass down to replay through them.

We can start here – with nurturing their minds and remembering ourselves what the world looks like through their eyes. Help them hold on to that precious gift, and take some time to let them show you how, as well. See how the team at TinyGuru can help with not only our financial literacy for kids, but personal development education on our Programs page.