Equipping them for success starts right now.

In the first half of 2020, parents were thrown head first into the deep end. As if having kids that you worry about 24/7 weren’t enough, we suddenly lost the luxuries of daycare, parks, libraries, and school – Welcome to involuntary homeschool, America. Like never before we were totally on our own; solely responsible for our kids’ homeschool success and preparation for the future.

As overwhelming as it was, parents rallied (well, panicked, then rallied, then panicked more, then settled into it!). We took leave from work (also largely involuntary) or rearranged our work day, amped up our caffeine intake and juggled like we had never juggled before.

Zoom calls in our Pjs while our tiny humans wandered onto the screen became the norm as we entered this new world. Possibly the most understated of all of the learning curves and accomplishments, though? We had to learn an extraordinarily over-complicated system called Common Core math in the midst of it all. If your kids now know the phrase “Carry the 1!” – join the club. We did our best.

Common Core Struggles!

The real challenge, though, is to know if we are preparing them in the ways that really matter. Are we preparing them for actual life? To succeed not only financially but emotionally and mentally? Have we ever encouraged them to find their life’s purpose and to blaze a trail bright enough to change the world?? THAT is the real opportunity we are being given. To grow and face our own limitations so we can teach them to do the same.

Homeschool is our golden opportunity to make sure they are built for success. Want to give them a head start that really counts? Start teaching them about money and personal finance as early as possible.

I know, I know… it sounds crazy since we are about T-minus 1 month from the chaos of homeschool and just trying to keep up with English or History. As parents, though, we have a choice: Just help them memorize dates and formulas for tests which will soon be forgotten, or set them up for a lifetime of success with what they really need to know.

Our attachment and “need” for money – along with our fear of never having enough – develops incredibly early in life. This early mindset determines many of the decisions that follow for the rest of our lives, which are often extremely unhealthy.

We see our parents worry about it, consumed by it, scared of it, and ultimately attaching happiness to it.

This, by definition, is toxic – searching for something outside of ourselves to be happy. That something is often the validation we feel from external success.

The irony of success is that success itself can never be the motivation. The drive for money cannot be in itself the motivator.

The drive has to come from purpose. From never allowing yourself to be any less than the extraordinary creature you were created to be. From passion and purpose and the mission to change the world in whatever way you were intended to.

Then and only then do you find real success and happiness…. (usually with the pleasant byproduct of an abundance of wealth.) So what should you be doing for your children now to encourage their success later?

Encourage your child’s creativity and dive into their individual interests and strengths. Teach them to do more of what makes them happy. Encourage them to seek more than just good grades and “achievement”. When you do, you are laying the foundation of a million dollar mindset and a brilliant future.

Take a look at how TinyGuru’s programs can help you cover what is missing from traditional (and now homeschool!) education right here. Help them learn the dates of battles and the element tables… then, learn something that will forever change their financial future.

(By the way – there is a GREAT list of free homeschool resources at Thought Co.)

Pulling for you in this brave new world and as always, here to help in any way we can.

-The TG Team