“We can’t afford that.”

“Money changes people.”

“Rich people are evil.”

“The stock market is gambling.”

“Your money isn’t safe in banks.”

“A college degree and a good job is success.”

Any of these sound familiar?? What we grow up seeing and hearing from our family, friends, and now social media create “invisible money scripts” for all of us. These powerful little money beliefs are set as early as six or seven years old, and stick with us throughout our adult lives – often without us even knowing. ?

Think of it like a tiny child you behind the wheel in your mind, making decisions for you and steering the ship. That’s not an ideal situation for anyone, obviously. For all of us, taking a hard look at our subconscious beliefs, fears, and motivations is the first step to taking control of not just our finances, but our lives. Are you making financial decisions out of fear of poverty? Fear of actually being wealthy? Fear of inadequacy?

How are we passing these beliefs to our children – not only through what we say, but what we do?? What we do now for their success later is incredibly important.

Breaking the generational curses you can’t even see starts with finding the answers to those questions – and reprogramming our mind to create wealth, success, and happiness. ?

Our subconscious is an incredibly powerful part of who we are. If you have ever noticed that your situation isn’t changing regardless of what you do, it’s likely these money scripts at play.

A journal exercise for looking inward

Take the time to think about – or better yet, write about – money. All of it. How much you make, how much you thought you would make by now, what you’ve bought recently, what you’ve wished that you could have. As you write, pay attention to the emotions and thoughts that come up (even the ones that are hard to notice). See them impartially as an outsider would, and take note. Are you surprised by the way that you feel?

Let your thoughts flow out unfiltered, until you’ve filled a few pages with anything that comes up.

A great exercise is to look objectively at the decisions that you have made in the past few years regarding money and expenses. Ask yourself why you have made those choices. Beyond loving an expensive dress or a luxury car, what purpose did those serve in your life? Writing freely and honestly about the emotion surrounding those will uncover things you weren’t even aware of. It’s always much deeper than just “I deserve it” or “It makes me happy”.

The answers won’t be readily available yet – that’s what the self work is for. As you begin to see what formed your money beliefs, it becomes incredibly easy to replace them with healthier associations. Just start the process and go from there.

With love,


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