No one may have taught you this yet, but it is true just the same.

When we realize our full potential (everything we can really do), it can feel a bit overwhelming and when it begins to feel real, we hide from it. Maybe that’s why no one told you – everything around you is your choice.

You are the architect of it all – you build your life’s foundation and choose its contents with your very thoughts. So it makes sense that it’s very important to pay attention to what we are thinking about, and what we are feeling. (You can learn to do that.)

Learning to embrace that power, to truly harness and use that power to propel yourself forward into success by leaps and bounds – you can do that, too.

That is a gift greater than any other; a skill that is the only one that truly matters. If your parents had learned this at your age, can you imagine where they would be now??

They would have avoided some mistakes and made better decisions, because they knew exactly the path ahead of them. They would have known that saving money now = not working when you are older, and that things like fancy cars and expensive clothes are fun at the time but will make them work much, much longer.

This moment is the first step toward that reality. This is the catalyst for a completely different life. Because now you know, powerful girl. You know that you can decide and create the most unbelievable of things, as long as you have faith and stay focused. Now you know, what will you do?